Ecosse Classic Services

The cars that Ecosse Classic Wedding Cars provide are bespoke. They are not kit cars made to look old, but are the original genuine article. We are passionate and enthusiastic about ensuring vintage and classic cars, are not solely for private museums, but are used for the purpose they were designed. All our cars are in stunning condition and well maintained. All the cars we use for weddings are owned by Ecosse Classic Wedding cars.

Your chosen vehicle will be solely for your use on the wedding day. We never book two weddings on the same day, and as such are flexible should the timings change once a car has been booked.

Your car will of course be immaculately presented, as will your driver. On taking your booking we will seek an indication of what services you wish our driver to provide, and will consider the finer transport details, such as the need for child seats, whether any guest has a disability or is infirm.

We are happy to decorate the vehicle, provide refreshment, or provide any other service which you require within reason. We will contact you the week before the wedding to finalise these plans. If you wish, we are happy to work directly with a wedding co-ordinator.

Our vehicles are available to view in our new showroom at Gourlaw Filters near Rosewell, where you will receive a warm welcome. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and allow you to peruse our vehicles at your leisure with no obligation. We have an open viewing at Gourlaw each Sunday from 2-4pm where customers can turn up without appointment, and are open all other days other than a Monday.